ICONAcasaOBRUBOur Lady has appeared in Međugorje to call the people of God and all mankind to return to her Son and to welcome Him as Savior, before Whom every knee must bend. Everything will be subordinated to Christ whose regality extends over the whole universe. Everything that God created, the people both of the Earth and of the other planets, all living beings have to be recapitulated in Christ so that God becomes all in all.
Our Lady recalls to continuous prayer, in other words, to an intimate relationship with God through her Immaculate Heart. Therefore, She asks us to offer our life to Jesus Christ, through her Immaculate Heart, so that He elevates it to the Father and transforms it. To offer one's life means to become united with the sacrifice of Christ, to move from a corrupt life of sin to new life, which flows from the Heart of Christ, the Heart He offered on the cross. By doing so, we become united with all the people of God who are already living with Christ in holiness; we become united with the angels and Archangels, and we unite with the humanities of the other planets who stayed faithful to God.
If everything has to be recapitulated in Christ, then the recapitulation has to start from our intimate relationship with God by offering our life through Mary, who is the Mother of the new people. For this time God envisioned that His people should be well organized, namely by forming small nuclei of people who offer their life for one another, following the example of Mary and Joseph.
These small nuclei are like the cells of a body in which the life of the Holy Spirit flows and people live the paschal passage with Jesus as their model, as He died and rose again to open the way for all people of good will.
These nuclei are not left to themselves, but they are linked by the grace that is nourished by God in order to form the one and only people of God. To one nucleus, which is at the heart of the people, God has given the grace to have a connecting function, thus this nucleus has received the task from God to gather and ultimately aggregate to itself all other nuclei.
The persons of this nucleus, that Jesus called the Central Nucleus, are connected by the power of God. They offer their life for all humanity. The Central Nucleus does not replace the Church, but as a tool in the hands of God opens the way for God's people. This nucleus is composed of people of both the Earth and other planets that are faithful to God, as well as the saints. St. Michael the Archangel is at the head of this nucleus.
Through the Central Nucleus the people of God take part in the heavenly liturgy where Christ offers Himself for all humanity and then offers it to the Father. The task of the Central Nucleus is to pave the way for the people of God, commanding Satan to withdraw from all living things created by God. In order to participate in the heavenly liturgy it is necessary to unite spiritually to the Central Nucleus and to accept its service among the people of God. The new priesthood, which Jesus Christ brought to Earth, is fully operating in the Central Nucleus. The new priesthood arises from the people who live their common priesthood.
Every child of God has to live his common priesthood in union with the priesthood of the Archangels. By offering himself he will participate in the Eucharistic sacrifice of Christ who is the only priest.
The future of the people of God is to be led to the new creation through the grace that God bestows upon His people and in particular on His special instruments: the angels, the Archangels, the Central Nucleus and the faithful brothers in the universe. All the people will become one, gathered around Christ, the only shepherd and priest.
The new creation will be a progressive and rapid process within those who have agreed to belong entirely to Christ.
Every man and every woman, all are destined to live the fullness of their personal call to spiritual paternity and maternity by offering their life. Mary is the first human being that entered fully into the life of the Holy Trinity. In Mary the divine maternity fully operates in favor of the people, because She entered the mystical union with Christ from the moment of her Immaculate Conception and in union with Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
We wish you a pleasant stay at the House of Prayer and a good pathway towards the new creation.
Kuća plavo

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe