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Accommodation in the house of prayer

Accommodation in Medjugorje
The house offers the possibility of accommodation for groups and individuals, who want to experience a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in entirely new way, away from crowd and noise, sheltered in Mary's mantle, which wraps the house and all its inhabitants. Each group and the individual will be given an opportunity to deepen the fundamental contents of faith, through Our Lady's messages given from the beginning.
The house also offers, besides accommodation, the possibility of the full board, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides house has 6 rooms which are adapted for people with special needs. The house also has an elevator.
For any further information, please contact us by email or call us directly in phone number:

tel: +387 63 426 902

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The door of light

Behind the Lamb the eye is drawn to the "DOOR OF LIGHT" which leads to the Father of the light. It is framed by the same stone used to fashion the Lamb, and its width corresponds precisely to the width of the figure of the Lamb, for it is said: I am the door; if anyone enters by me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture(Jn 10:9).
The door opens up onto a passage-way, the width of which is such that one person at a time is able to pass through it. Each person must, in fact, decide to cross its threshold freely, with joy and responsibility. The important thing is to place one's life in the hands of the Shepherd, and die to oneself. Through Him, then, one enters into the new life with the Father.

The Amphitheatre

Upon entering the amphitheatre one is able to see the inner part of the Mother's head. The outer lining of her face wants to portray the ARK OF THE COVENANT. Beneath this lie the mysteries of life and of salvation, which is to say: the paschal mystery. Deeper into the amphitheatre, that is, at the centre of MARY'S MIND there lies a large stone slab. Upon this slab is sculptured the figure of the IMMOLATED LAMB - of the Lamb who was slaughtered (cf. Rev 5:6).


Ikona avion
The house of prayer is surrounded by a GARDEN. This is the Icon. Our Blessed Mother holds little Jesus in her ARMS and contemplates him. In particular, with her right arm she is holding Jesus and the house, while her left arm embraces them both. At the same time her left HAND welcome s the faithful who arrive, whilst indicating and guiding them towards her Son, Who is the Saviour of the world.

The house of prayer

The house of prayer is a sign of gratitude for the Queen of Peace, for the graces She has given the world. It is not a monument, but a house where God's people can gather, where those who desire offering themselves totally to Jesus through Mary might gather. 

Accommodation in the house of prayer

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